Bob Bradley’s Swansea tenure only lasted a mere 85 days but the American is far from happy with the clubs board.


Owners Jason Levien and Steve Kaplan suggested they had “made a mistake” by appointing the 59 year-old


Speaking to BBC Sport, Bradley said: “There’s a difference between saying ‘that’s our decision’ and ‘we made a mistake’,


“I’ve had some people send me some of the articles after the [Swansea City] Supporters’ Trust meeting where Jason and Steve say that it was a mistake to hire me and that makes me angry.


Bradley, the first ever American to manage a Premier League side, has yet to hold a job for more than two years since leaving The States.


“The challenge was always going to be to get enough points in the short term and, unfortunately, football can work in tough ways. For me, 11 games is not a big amount of time.”


Bradley left the Liberty after only winning two games and drawing two in December.





Is Bradley right to be angry?

Is this professional of Bradley?

How much different is football in The US compared to Europe?


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